Get 2GB Of Free Google Drive Storage

9:36 AM
Get 2GB Of Free Google Drive Storage

Can be obtained only by undergoing the process short account security checkup

Google know very well how to pamper its loyal consumers. In order to celebrate the day the Internet World Safely on February 9 yesterday, their bonus offers storage capacity in Google Drive of 2 GB for free alias free.

This bonus can be obtained only through the process of with account security checkup, where You will be asked to review the account recovery information back, connected devices, as well as the application and what services have access to your Google account. Everything can be solved less than one minute.

Interestingly, this bonus is its nature is permanent. Unlike bonus referral system that normally lasts one or two years. Last year Google also provide similar offerings, and you already receive rations last year still was allowed to take a bonus this year.

To claim this bonus, please visit the official website of Google, then login using your account. To do this, you have to head over to the Security Check-Up page and log into your Google account. After his checkup process completed, a bonus 2 GB capacity will direct you receive without conditions further.

Create thinking "Oh I never used Google Drive, so this bonus there is no point for me." It should be noted that the storage capacity on Google Drive is also valid in Gmail or Google Photos. So suppose you just wear a Gmail only, there is no harm in adding extra capacity of 2 GB.

Happy Safer Internet Day!

Facebook Opens Free Internet to Developers, But won't Support HTTPS Encryption

3:12 PM
Facebook Opens Free Internet to Developers, But won't Support HTTPS Encryption

After facing much criticism for violation of Net Neutrality, Facebook has opened up its new platform to developers for creating their apps and services in India and other countries.

Facebook's aims at offering free Internet access to "the next 5 billion" impoverished people around the world who currently don't have it.

This current move now would potentially allow any website to be accessed for free via the service, but only in the case, if the website ditches the encrypted communications (HTTPS), JavaScript, and other important things.

Internet for All:
Facebook offers free mobile Internet access to people in India, Zambia, Colombia, Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, Philippines and Indonesia.

However, in order to access the free Internet, users must have special Android apps,'s website, the Opera Mini web browser or Facebook's Android app.

Until now, the scheme had been limited to a few number of websites and services, which include the Facebook, Wikipedia, BBC News, Accuweather, the Facts for Life health site run by the United Nations Children's Fund and some selected local news and sports results providers.

A number of companies in India pulled themselves out of scheme as it directs online users toward a limited set of services.

But now, this scheme is widely open for all developers who can join what is being called the Platform and create their services to be delivered through

However, it is not as simple as it sounds.
There are some limitations on what the developers can offer. The social media giant has set some rules and regulations, among those include:
  • No encrypted connections – platform does not support HTTPS (SSL/TLS) as all the web traffic goes through proxy servers. So websites with encryption support are flat out rejected from the program.
  • Websites should not be data-intensive – Videos, high-resolution images and online voice chats and video chats are totally banned.
  • Websites must be able to run on both cheaper, as well as powerful smartphones – To ensure this, the use of JavaScript, HTTPS communications protocol, Flash files and certain other web-based products are also among the banned content.
The major issue with the platform remains. turns out to be a privacy nightmare for users as the platform will not support encryption, which makes easier for anyone to snoop on the poor online users.

However, Zuckerberg commented on his Facebook status to reply a user that HTTPS via is going to "happen soon."

Net Neutrality Violation:
The move comes just a few days after Mark Zuckerberg himself targeted for trampling all over Net Neutrality principles with his scheme.

Many activists suggested that Zuck’s scheme of free Internet for all compromises the principles of Net Neutrality, as it supports access to some websites and apps over others.
However, Zuck said in an online video announcing the new platform that " was not sustainable to offer the whole Internet for free [because that may] cost tens of billions of dollars every year to run the Internet, and no operator could afford this if everything were free."
However, platform is sustainable to build free basic services and applications that are simpler to use with less mobile data pack, as well as work on all low-end mobile phones.

Looking For Direct Referrals On Neobux

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Looking For Direct Referrals On Neobux

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Mumblehard Malware Targets Linux and FreeBSD Servers

3:18 PM
Mumblehard Malware Targets Linux and FreeBSD Servers

Thousands of computers and web servers running Linux and FreeBSD operating systems have been infected over past five years with sophisticated malware that turn the machines into spambots.

The new Linux malware, discovered by the security researchers from the antivirus provider Eset, has been dubbed "Mumblehard" because it is Muttering spam from your servers, says Eset 23-page long report (PDF) titled "Unboxing Linux/Mumblehard."

Researchers have logged more than 8,500 unique IP addresses during the seven months period of research that were hit by Mumblehard Linux malware and found over 3,000 machines joined them in the past three weeks.

Mumblehard features two basic components:
  • Backdoor
  • Spamming daemon
Both written in the Perl programming language and "feature the same custom packer written in assembly language."

The backdoor allows hackers to infiltrate into the system and control the command and control servers, and the Spamming daemon is a behind-the-scenes process that focuses on sending large batches of spam emails from the infected servers.

The most worrying part of this campaign:
The Mumblehard operators have been active for over five years, and perhaps even longer, without any disruption.
"Malware targeting Linux and [OpenBSD] servers [are] becoming more and more complex," Eset researchers wrote. "The fact that the [malware creator] used a custom somewhat sophisticated."
However, it isn't "as complex as the Windigo Operation we documented in 2014. Nonetheless, it is worrying that the Mumblehard operators have been active for many years without disruption."

Who is responsible for the spambot network?
The Mumblehard Linux malware actually exploits vulnerabilities in WordPress and Joomla content management systems in order to get into the servers.

Additionally, Mumblehard malware is also distributed by installing ‘pirated’ versions of a Linux and BSD program called DirectMailer, software developed by Yellsoft used for sending bulk e-mails and sold for $240 through the Russian firm's website.

So, when a user installs the pirated version of DirectMailer software, the Mumblehard operators gets a backdoor to the user's server that allows hackers to send spam messages.

How to prevent the threat?
Web server administrators should check their servers for Mumblehard infections by looking for the so-called unwanted cronjob entries added by the malware in an attempt to activate the backdoor every 15-minute increments.
The backdoor is generally located in the /var/tmp or /tmp folders. You can deactivate this backdoor by mounting the tmp directory with the noexec option.

Fastest Operating System for Quantum Computing Developed By Researchers

3:11 PM
Fastest Operating System for Quantum Computing Developed By Researchers

So far, we just have heard about Quantum computing that could make even complex calculations trivial, but there are no practical Quantum computers exist.

However, the dream of Quantum computers could become a reality in coming future.
Cambridge Quantum Computing Limited (CQCL) has build a new Fastest Operating System aimed at running the futuristic superfast quantum computers.

The new operating system, dubbed t|kit>, has been featured by CQCL's very own proprietary custom designed high-speed super mechanism, allowing the company to accurately impersonate the working of a quantum processor.

"CQCL is at the forefront of developing an operating system that will allow users to harness the joint power of classical super computers alongside quantum computers," the company said in a press release. "The development of t|ket> is a major milestone."

Quantum Computers — Soon be Reality
Researchers have been working on significant activities to develop quantum computing technology that might enable the development of a Superfast quantum computer, though there has been less work done in the development of an Operating System that might control the quantum computers.
However, CQCL researchers have done just that and also believe that "Quantum computing will be a reality much earlier than originally anticipated. It will have profound and far-reaching effects on a vast number of aspects of our daily lives."

Polishing Quantum Computing:
CQCL's new operating system for the quantum computer comes just days after IBM researchers brought us even closer to a working Superfast quantum computer by discovering a new method for correcting two errors that a quantum computer can make.

One of the biggest issues that prevent us from developing Superfast Quantum Computers is — Quantum computing is incredibly fragile, and even the slightest fault can cause a major error to the computer.

However, IBM researchers have discovered a new way to detect both types of quantum computer errors, and revealed a new, square quantum bit circuit design that, according to them, can be easily scaled up to make high-performance computers, according to the details published in Nature Communications.

What’s the difference between a Regular computer and a Quantum computer?
Traditional computers use the "bits" to represent information as a 0 or a 1; therefore they are so much slower. On the other hand, Quantum computers use "qubits" (quantum bits) to represent information as a 0, 1, or both at the same time.

But, the major problem with qubits is that they sometimes flip without warning. Qubits can suddenly flip from 0 to 1, which is called a bit flip, or from 0+1 to 0-1, which is called a phase flip. And these flipping are the actual culprits that creates all kinds of errors in a quantum computer.

Until now, scientists could only detect one error at a time. However, IBM's quantum circuit, consisting of four superconducting qubits on a one-quarter inch square chip, allowed researchers to detect bit-flip as well as phase-flip quantum errors simultaneously.

Suitable Clothing For Children

10:10 AM
Suitable Clothing For Children

During infancy.

Infants are very susceptible of the impressions of cold; a proper regard, therefore, to a suitable clothing of the body, is imperative to their enjoyment of health. Unfortunately, an opinion is prevalent in society, that the tender child has naturally a great power of generating heat and resisting cold; and from this popular error has arisen the most fatal results. This opinion has been much strengthened by the insidious manner in which cold operates on the frame, the injurious effects not being always manifest during or immediately after its application, so that but too frequently the fatal result is traced to a wrong source, or the infant sinks under the action of an unknown cause.

The power of generating heat in warm-blooded animals is at its minimum at birth, and increases successively to adult age; young animals, instead of being warmer than adults, are generally a degree or two colder, and part with their heat more readily; facts which cannot be too generally known. They show how absurd must be the folly of that system of "hardening" the constitution (to which reference has been before made), which induces the parent to plunge the tender and delicate child into the cold bath at all seasons of the year, and freely expose it to the cold, cutting currents of an easterly wind, with the lightest clothing.

The principles which ought to guide a parent in clothing her infant are as follows:

The material and quantity of the clothes should be such as to preserve a sufficient proportion of warmth to the body, regulated therefore by the season of the year, and the delicacy or strength of the infant's constitution. In effecting this, however, the parent must guard against the too common practice of enveloping the child in innumerable folds of warm clothing, and keeping it constantly confined to very hot and close rooms; thus running into the opposite extreme to that to which I have just alluded: for nothing tends so much to enfeeble the constitution, to induce disease, and render the skin highly susceptible to the impression of cold; and thus to produce those very ailments which it is the chief intention to guard against.

In their make they should be so arranged as to put no restrictions to the free movements of all parts of the child's body; and so loose and easy as to permit the insensible perspiration to have a free exit, instead of being confined to and absorbed by the clothes, and held in contact with the skin, till it gives rise to irritation.

In their quality they should be such as not to irritate the delicate skin of the child. In infancy, therefore, flannel is rather too rough, but is desirable as the child grows older, as it gives a gentle stimulus to the skin, and maintains health.

In its construction the dress should be so simple as to admit of being quickly put on, since dressing is irksome to the infant, causing it to cry, and exciting as much mental irritation as it is capable of feeling. Pins should be wholly dispensed with, their use being hazardous through the carelessness of nurses, and even through the ordinary movements of the infant itself.

The clothing must be changed daily. It is eminently conducive to good health that a complete change of dress should be made every day. If this is not done, washing will, in a great measure, fail in its object, especially in insuring freedom from skin diseases.

During childhood.

The clothing of the child should possess the same properties as that of infancy. It should afford due warmth, be of such materials as do not irritate the skin, and so made as to occasion no unnatural constriction.

In reference to due warmth, it may be well again to repeat, that too little clothing is frequently productive of the most sudden attacks of active disease; and that children who are thus exposed with thin clothing in a climate so variable as ours are the frequent subjects of croup, and other dangerous affections of the air- passages and lungs. On the other hand, it must not be forgotten, that too warm clothing is a source of disease, sometimes even of the same diseases which originate in exposure to cold, and often renders the frame more susceptible of the impressions of cold, especially of cold air taken into the lungs. Regulate the clothing, then, according to the season; resume the winter dress early; lay it aside late; for it is in spring and autumn that the vicissitudes in our climate are greatest, and congestive and inflammatory complaints most common.

With regard to material (as was before observed), the skin will at this age bear flannel next to it; and it is now not only proper, but necessary. It may be put off with advantage during the night, and cotton maybe substituted during the summer, the flannel being resumed early in the autumn. If from very great delicacy of constitution it proves too irritating to the skin, fine fleecy hosiery will in general be easily endured, and will greatly conduce to the preservation of health.

It is highly important that the clothes of the boy should be so made that no restraints shall be put on the movements of the body or limbs, nor injurious pressure made on his waist or chest. All his muscles ought to have full liberty to act, as their free exercise promotes both their growth and activity, and thus insures the regularity and efficiency of the several functions to which these muscles are subservient.

The same remarks apply with equal force to the dress of the girl; and happily, during childhood, at least, no distinction is made in this matter between the sexes. Not so, however, when the girl is about to emerge from this period of life; a system of dress is then adopted which has the most pernicious effects upon her health, and the development of the body, the employment of tight stays, which impede the free and full action of the respiratory organs, being only one of the many restrictions and injurious practices from which in latter years they are thus doomed to suffer so severely.

Stomach And Bowel Disorders Among Infants

7:57 AM
Stomach And Bowel Disorders Among Infants

Disorder of the stomach and bowels is one of the most fruitful sources of the diseases of infancy. Only prevent their derangement, and, all things being equal, the infant will be healthy and flourish, and need not the aid of physic or physicians.

There are many causes which may give rise to these affections; many of them appertain to the mother's system, some to that of the infant. All are capable, to a great extent, of being prevented or remedied. It is, therefore, most important that a mother should not be ignorant or misinformed upon this subject. It is the prevention of these affections, however, that will be principally dwelt upon here; for let the mother ever bear in mind, and act upon the principle, that the prevention of disease alone belongs to her; the cure to the physician. For the sake of clearness and reference, these disorders will be spoken of as they occur:

To the infant at the breast.

The infant's stomach and bowels may become deranged from the breast-milk becoming unwholesome. This may arise from the parent getting out of health, a circumstance which will be so manifest to herself, and to those more immediately interested in her welfare, that it is only necessary just to allude to it here. Suffice it to say, that there are many causes of a general kind to which it may owe its origin; but that the most frequent is undue lactation, and the effects both upon mother and child fully dwelt upon.

Anxiety of mind in the mother will cause her milk to be unhealthy in its character, and deficient in quantity, giving rise to flatulence, griping, and sometimes even convulsions in the infant. A fit of passion in the nurse will frequently be followed by a fit of bowel complain in the child. These causes of course are temporary, and when removed the milk becomes a healthy and sufficient for the child as before.

Sudden and great mental disturbance, however, will occasionally drive away the milk altogether, and in a few hours. A Mrs. S., aet. 29, a fine healthy woman, of a blonde complexion, was confined of a boy. She had a good time, and a plentiful supply of milk for the child, which she continued to suckle till the following January, a period of three months, when her milk suddenly disappeared. This circumstance puzzled the medical attendant, for he could not trace it to any physical ailment; but the milk never returned, and a wet-nurse became necessary. In the following spring the husband of this lady failed, an adversity which had been impending since the date when the breast-milk disappeared, upon which day the deranged state of the husband's affairs was made known to the wife, a fact which at once explained the mysterious disappearance of the milk.

Unwholesome articles of diet will affect the mother's milk, and derange the infant's bowels. Once, I was called to see an infant at the breast with diarrhoea. The remedial measures had but little effect so long as the infant was allowed the breast-milk; but this being discontinued, and arrow-root made with water only allowed, the complaint was quickly put a stop to. Believing that the mother's milk was impaired from some accidental cause which might now be passed, the infant was again allowed the breast. In less than four-and-twenty hours, however, the diarrhoea returned. The mother being a very healthy woman, it was suspected that some unwholesome article in her diet might be the cause. The regimen was accordingly carefully inquired into, when it appeared that porter from a neighbouring publican's had been substituted for their own for some little time past. This proved to be bad, throwing down, when left to stand a few hours, a considerable sediment; it was discontinued; good sound ale taken instead; the infant again put to the breast, upon the milk of which it flourished, and never had another attack.

In the same way aperient medicine, taken by the mother, will act on the child's bowels, through the effect which it produces upon her milk. This, however, is not the case with all kinds of purgative medicine, nor does the same purgative produce a like effect upon all children. It is well, therefore, for a parent to notice what aperient acts thus through her system upon that of her child, and what does not, and when an aperient becomes necessary for herself, unless she desire that the infant's bowels be moved, to avoid the latter; if otherwise, she may take the former with good effect.

Again; the return of the monthly periods whilst the mother is a nurse always affects the properties of the milk, more or less, deranging the stomach and bowels of the infant. It will thus frequently happen, that a few days before the mother is going to be unwell, the infant will become fretful and uneasy; its stomach will throw up the milk, and its motions will be frequent, watery, and greenish. And then, when the period is fully over, the milk will cease to purge. It is principally in the early months, however, that the infant seems to be affected by this circumstance; for it will be generally found that although the milk is certainly impaired by it, being less abundant and nutritious, still, after the third or fourth month it ceases to affect the infant. Is then a mother, because her monthly periods return after her delivery, to give up nursing? Certainly not, unless the infant's health is seriously affected by it; for she will generally find that, as the periods come round, by keeping the infant pretty much from the breast, during its continuance, and feeding him upon artificial food, she will prevent disorder of the child's health, and be able in the intervals to nurse her infant with advantage. It must be added, however, that a wet- nurse is to be resorted to rather than any risk incurred of injuring the child's health; and that, in every case, partial feeding will be necessary at a much earlier period than when a mother is not thus affected.

The milk may also be rendered less nutritive, and diminished in quantity, by the mother again becoming pregnant. In this case, however, the parent's health will chiefly suffer, if she persevere in nursing; this, however, will again act prejudicially to the child. It will be wise, therefore, if pregnancy should occur, and the milk disagree with the infant, to resign the duties of a nurse, and to put the child upon a suitable artificial diet.

The infant that is constantly at the breast will always be suffering, more or less, from flatulence, griping, looseness of the bowels, and vomiting. This is caused by a sufficient interval not being allowed between the meals for digestion. The milk, therefore, passes on from the stomach into the bowels undigested, and the effects just alluded to follow. Time must not only be given for the proper digestion of the milk, but the stomach itself must be allowed a season of repose. This evil, then, must be avoided most carefully by the mother strictly adhering to those rules for nursing.

The bowels of the infant at the breast, as well as after it is weaned, are generally affected by teething. And it is fortunate that this is the case, for it prevents more serious affections. Indeed, the diarrhoea that occurs during dentition, except it be violent, must not be subdued; if, however, this is the case, attention must be paid to it. It will generally be found to be accompanied by a swollen gum; the freely lancing of which will sometimes alone put a stop to the looseness: further medical aid may, however, be necessary.

At the period of weaning.

There is great susceptibility to derangements of the stomach and bowels of the child at the period when weaning ordinarily takes place, so that great care and judgment must be exercised in effecting this object. Usually, however, the bowels are deranged during this process from one of these causes; from weaning too early, from effecting it too suddenly and abruptly, or from over-feeding and the use of improper and unsuitable food. There is another cause which also may give rise to diarrhoea at this time, independently of weaning, viz. the irritation of difficult teething.

The substitution of artificial food for the breast-milk of the mother, at a period when the digestive organs of the infant are too delicate for this change, is a frequent source of the affections now under consideration.

The attempt to wean a delicate child, for instance, when only six months old, will inevitably be followed by disorder of the stomach and bowels. Unless, therefore, a mother is obliged to resort to this measure, from becoming pregnant, or any other unavoidable cause, if she consult the welfare of her child, she will not give up nursing at this early period.

Depriving the child at once of the breast, and substituting artificial food, however proper under due regulations such food may be, will invariably cause bowel complaints. Certain rules and regulations must be adopted to effect weaning safely, the details of which are given elsewhere.

If too large a quantity of food is given at each meal, or the meals are too frequently repeated, in both instances the stomach will become oppressed, wearied, and deranged; part of the food, perhaps, thrown up by vomiting, whilst the remainder, not having undergone the digestive process, will pass on into the bowels, irritate its delicate lining membrane, and produce flatulence, with griping, purging, and perhaps convulsions.

Then, again, improper and unsuitable food will be followed by precisely the same effects; and unless a judicious alteration be quickly made, remedies will not only have no influence over the disease, but the cause being continued, the disease will become most seriously aggravated.

It is, therefore, of the first importance to the well-doing of the child, that at this period, when the mother is about to substitute an artificial food for that of her own breast, she should first ascertain what kind of food suits the child best, and then the precise quantity which nature demands. Many cases might be cited, where children have never had a prescription written for them, simply because, these points having been attended to, their diet has been managed with judgment and care; whilst, on the other hand, others might be referred to, whose life has been hazarded, and all but lost, simply from injudicious dietetic management. Over-feeding, and improper articles of food, are more frequently productive, in their result, of anxious hours and distressing scenes to the parent, and of danger and loss of life to the child, than almost any other causes.

The irritation caused by difficult teething may give rise to diarrhoea at the period when the infant is weaned, independently of the weaning itself. Such disorder of the bowels, if it manifestly occur from this cause, is a favourable circumstance, and should not be interfered with, unless indeed the attack be severe and aggravated, when medical aid becomes necessary. Slight diarrhoea then, during weaning, when it is fairly traceable to the cutting of a tooth (the heated and inflamed state of the gum will at once point to this as the source of the derangement), is of no consequence, but it must not be mistaken for disorder arising from other causes. Lancing the gum will at once, then, remove the cause, and generally cure the bowel complaint.