Get 2GB Of Free Google Drive Storage

9:36 AM
Get 2GB Of Free Google Drive Storage

Can be obtained only by undergoing the process short account security checkup

Google know very well how to pamper its loyal consumers. In order to celebrate the day the Internet World Safely on February 9 yesterday, their bonus offers storage capacity in Google Drive of 2 GB for free alias free.

This bonus can be obtained only through the process of with account security checkup, where You will be asked to review the account recovery information back, connected devices, as well as the application and what services have access to your Google account. Everything can be solved less than one minute.

Interestingly, this bonus is its nature is permanent. Unlike bonus referral system that normally lasts one or two years. Last year Google also provide similar offerings, and you already receive rations last year still was allowed to take a bonus this year.

To claim this bonus, please visit the official website of Google, then login using your account. To do this, you have to head over to the Security Check-Up page and log into your Google account. After his checkup process completed, a bonus 2 GB capacity will direct you receive without conditions further.

Create thinking "Oh I never used Google Drive, so this bonus there is no point for me." It should be noted that the storage capacity on Google Drive is also valid in Gmail or Google Photos. So suppose you just wear a Gmail only, there is no harm in adding extra capacity of 2 GB.

Happy Safer Internet Day!
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